Thursday, 20 March 2014


British Police in Occupied Ireland, were filmed dumping a vulnerable, unconscious Catholic woman on a busy bus lane, who was celebrating Saint Patrick's Day. Fortunately she was not run over and Irish people, are demanding the British Police are charged with attempted murder. The video clearly shows the heartless PSNI paramiltary police, dumping the incapacitated woman on a roadside in Derry and are being referred to the Police Ombudsperson, for all the good that will do.

The video shows the unconscious woman, being dragged from the middle of the road and dumped onto a busy bus lane on John Street in Derry by two of the paramiltary British police, who then drive off in an unmarked car, leaving the woman to be run over. The PSNI who were caught on film on St Patricks Day last year, raping an innocent young Catholic man in KIlkeel, have a long history of sectarian abuse and discrimination, while their ranks have recently been filled by  ex-paramiltary police of the disgraced RUC, who were involved in the regular sectarian murder and torture of innocent Irish Catholics.

It is not clear what they did to this poor woman, prior to
 their murderous intent being filmed, while this defenceless woman, who is suffering from a severe illness.The free born woman is a member of the travelling people's community and was celebrating St Patricks Day along with her husband,minding their own business, in her own country, which they are fully entitled to do, before they were set upon by these foreign mercenaries of British rule.

Martin McGuinness said “Viewed video showing 2 police officers failing to ensure the safety of an incapacitated woman on a public roadway is totally unacceptable.” 
Foyle SDLP MLA Mark Durkan said he was “horrified” after watching the video, saying, "Not only are these actions dangerous and irresponsible they are completely inhumane. I feel for the family of this girl. How can we believe that our young people are safe in our local community, when those who are charged with protecting them fall so far short of basic expectations?”

Republican Sinn Fein have pointed out, that in the unlikely event of members of the public being filmed engaged in such behaviour, they would be charged with attempted murder or if republicans got their hands on them, they would at a minimum be kneecapped or perhaps worse.The British paramilitary police the PSNI could not be reached for comment by this journalist and refused to answer questions, when interrogated by telephone. While these criminals were engaged in this activity their colleagues, had the audacity to march in the Christian St Patrick's Day parade in New York, while members of other minority groups in Ireland were banned from marching along with Kenny and McGuinness. Obviously the PSNI do not uphold the most basic form of Christian ethics or values and are definitely not a civilized force, with Irish values of human rights.
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